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What We Know

In the best effort to gather statistics, it is estimated that about 4.5% of adults in the United States identify with the LGBTQ+ community. In large part, the general public holds stigmas and biases against the LGBTQ+ community which challenges an individual’s feeling of acceptance and belonging. As a result, the LGBTQ+ community can struggle with higher medical and mental health problems [1].

How It Affects Our World

Main areas of life that are affected by the stigma and discrimination are a person’s self-worth, self-esteem, support system, and feeling of security. Through a snowball affect, the LGBTQ+ community has higher risk of substance abuse and higher rates of suicide among many other concerning mental health challenges [1].

What We Can Do About It

At Finding The Light Project we will always highly recommend professional medical and mental health providers as the foundation of treatment. Beyond that, we are here to provide you with knowledge, theological reasoning and encouragement. We invite you to subscribe and explore how you can find light in the darkness. It’s time to find hope and happiness once again!

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: Call or Text 9-8-8


[1] Ostermeyer, B. K. (2019). Health disparities in the LGBTQ+ population: Improving cultural competency in mental health providers. Psychiatric Annals, 49(10), 423-424. doi:

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