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What We Know

It is human nature to make connections through interpersonal relationships. However, it is also human nature to make connections through things like surroundings or time related opportunities. The sense of connection in these areas of one’s life help develop his or her self-identity and sense of security. When one loses his or her sense of placement through experiencing a job-related move or unexpected homelessness, a grieving process takes place but rarely gets acknowledged. Furthermore, we can experience grief when missing out on opportunities that are connected to a specific time in one’s life [1].

How It Affects Our World

Just like grieving the death of life, non-life related grief comes through feelings of anger, sadness, self-blame, or guilt [1]. Just like in life-related grief, there may be a period of denial, isolation and/or depression as well. 

What We Can Do About It

At Finding The Light Project we will always highly recommend professional medical and mental health providers as the foundation of treatment. Beyond that, we are here to provide you with knowledge, theological reasoning and encouragement. We invite you to subscribe and explore how you can find light in the darkness. It’s time to find hope and happiness once again!

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: Call or Text 9-8-8


[1] Gitterman, A., & Knight, C. (2019). Non-death loss: Grieving for the loss of familiar place and for precious time and associated opportunities. Clinical Social Work Journal, 47(2), 147-155. doi:

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