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What We Know

Addiction, whether it be substance (drugs or alcohol) or non-substance (gambling, gaming, pornography, etc.) is the uncontrolled use of a substance/non-substance while knowing the negative impact of the use [1]. The pattern of addiction starts with a liking to the substance or non-substance, which turns to wanting and craving, then ultimately turns to abuse and dependency [1]. Trying to end the addiction can lead to undesirable withdrawals. Addictions can be caused by “genetic, biological, psychological, social, and economic factors.” [1].

How It Affects Our World

The individual with a non-substance addiction can not only find themselves affected by mental health (stress or obsessive behavior), but their life may find negative consequences too. Studies have shown with non-substance addiction there may be a decline in social interaction, positive occupational choices and relationship difficulties. The individual may also develop problematic behaviors such as lying for an example [2]. 

What We Can Do About It

At Finding The Light Project we will always highly recommend professional medical and mental health providers as the foundation of treatment. Beyond that, we are here to provide you with knowledge, theological reasoning and encouragement. We invite you to subscribe and explore how you can find light in the darkness. It’s time to find hope and happiness once again!

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: Call or Text 9-8-8


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